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September 27, 2006

I don’t normally criticize artists work, as I can usually do no better, but when a song begins to annoy and irritate me to the point I change the radio station then I feel I have to tell someone.
Goggling for the worst song ever…the definitive answers come from VH1 and Blender…have a look…
For me it is still SexyBack



September 18, 2006

Why oh why did I not find this earlier…I suppose when one needs to open a .pdf Adobe is the first thing to do and download…
Now 20 M download, once installed Adobe is 65M’s on the hard drive….
Foxit” that is a lot.

Foxit is a 1.5M download and file size on Hard Drive is 3.7 M’s…there is no comparison.. Go get it now…and dump Adobe off your HD.


Blog Time

September 6, 2006

Not to brag, but if you have computer knowledge this is truly possible…Remarcable even for myself.

Today I decided I wanted to Blog and Blog properly. None of the free Blog accounts had what I was looking for and so what I did was the following:

Visit possibly the best Blog’er in SA in my eye’s anyway Shaun Dewberry..he has a link to b2evolution so off I went.

I downloaded the setup files…11h40
and was up and running by 12h20..40 min total setup time…

What made it this easy? Well.
Firstly a great product by b2evolution with great support…
Secondly: I RTFS
Thirdly I have a hosting account already set up.
Fourthly: perhaps I am a little bit of an IT freak, perhaps….

Like a said in the beginning It’s Blog Time