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Can South African Survivor contestants keep a secret?

October 17, 2006

South African’s are notoriously curious people, or so I believe.
But it ring true with an old joke, why are South African men so quick in the sack?
Cause they can’t wait to go tell their mates, they just got action….!!

Can the Survivors keep the final a secret? I don’t think so, I already have heard rumors that it is two girls in the final…..well well…well
We’ll just have to wait this one out. If any one out there wants to leave their rumors or predictions feel free to hit the comment link..


The New South Africa

October 10, 2006

I saw a foreigner the other day, giving a street beggar a few South African Notes, I did not see the denominations. This poor bloke did not know what to do. Here he is half crippled, standing just down from Hyde Park and gets a lucky break for the day…..This same poor beggar, I see some days before this sitting at the taxi rank on Jan Smuts, when what can only be described as a very special taxi driver intentionally tries to run him over.

What is going on here? Some are trying to kill this bloke whilst our visitors to this country are trying to help.
In any case I am not one to preach to the converted and the taxi driver will never get to read nor understand this.

The New South Africa just changed…!!


Is it just me or what

October 2, 2006

Is it just me…?

Is it just me or does this Logo suggest a rather unusual situation?

How on earth could this have been firstly conceived, designed and then approved.

Business Media in Education, an initiative of BDFM, publishers of Business Day, Financial Mail and parent company of Summit TV, recognises that business school courses are expensive and time-consuming – and not always what you need to fill the gap in knowledge in your field.

We know how serious you are about business. Because it’s our business to keep you up to speed, we have designed a series of short courses ranging from four to eight modules in duration. They will help you get a grip on your subject at minimum cost, at times that suit you best – any time, online.

I must say with logo’s like this their courses must be quiet entertaining…