December 1, 2006

If you have ever been to South Africa , you would have encountered a SA Taxi for the masses.
Now if you live in one of our City’s you will no doubt have encountered many, many many taxi’s.

Living in JHB I have learnt to tolerate the taxi’s, only because they are a type of mafia, and if you give one of them shit you had better be ready to fight, the 10 that are coming behind.

What is getting to me is this, 80% of the work force who use them are at the mercy of a lunatic in a killing can, their daily commutes must be horrific.
I can’t come to terms with how the driver’s time is more important than mine, I can assure you that if I am on my way to a client I am going to make more in 1 hour than they make in a day.

As I write this now it begin to rain in JHB Northern suburbs and this is when it is a great time to get off the road, taxi’s don’t know what slow down it’s raining means…

With all that said, Metro Bus still operate in a good few areas to me a much better solution, and cheaper.


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