December 15, 2006

Monopolies are never good, the only purpose they serve is for profiteering.

Introducing a company who is in business in spite of themselves.

NGN, is a company who controls all the golfing handicaps in SA as appointed by SAGA…
Enough is enough; I have a stale worthless handicap. What is the point of having a handicap which never gets updated, or gets updated every 2 weeks? This means every golfer in SA has a 2 week old handicap. Mine now is 2 strokes off what it should be.
Using Global Handicaps which provide a free service to the public, my handicap should be a 12, on the NGN system is it s 14. In this instance it works for me as if we take NGN handicaps I get 2 extra shots against any golfer I may be playing, but I have friend who have it the other way round and this give the impression that they are cheating as they would need to play off a higher handicap than what NGN have them at.
Come on, SAGA and come on NGN. Pull your fingers out and get a valuable system up and running you have had long enough, your handicapping system is a liability to SA golfers.


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