Introducing the one and Only LordLickem

February 6, 2007

Well boys i’m back in the land of the slightly sane…….And man am i paying for it.
Yup my neck injury was not as minor as i thought.
What i have managed to do is tear a hole in the “shock absorbers” between the vertabrae of the neck{ the L6 and L7 for those of you familiar with the whole neck thing} which has trapped a fecken nerve.So my left arm and hand is numb and fuckin sore.Thank gooodness i tug with my right hand.Apparently i was very lucky not to break my neck.The ‘diving fuckin clown’ lives another day.
So now I’m getting acupuncture and kiro……………so ********** wedding is still costing me cash.Maybe it’s the Lord’s way of punishing me for being such a bad boy……….Don’t worry boys i didn’t see the light i just saw stars.
Well boys all i can say is that if you get injured on holiday drink plenty of beer and wash down some nurofen,and then smoke a zuck.
An idiots guide on how to numb the pain.
Chom’s it was good seeing ya all again and partying hard.
Ya all have a happy day now and send my best to ya dollies.
Me “the diving clown” who does the amazing somer………….a feat not to be tried at home


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