No Shit….

February 8, 2007

Yesterday, I have a support call from a mate…..I could name him as there is no chance in hell he will ever find this blog, you will see why in just a mo.
But to save face I’ll refrain….From here on in he is referred to as The Plumber.

Message left on my Cell:
The Plumber: Brettie, please give me a call, this fu%*ing computer,office and house are driving me mad.
I ended my call to retrieve the message and of course rang back immediately, after all this sounded bad…I look after his office equipment, holly crap what could have possibly gone wrong. Must be hardware, or virus, they are prevalent at the moment.
Brett : Hi Plumber.
The Plumber: Thank goodness you phoned, you have saved people in this house from certain death. Brettie someone has taken my fu%*ing calculator and now I can’t do quotes and costing. If I find the fu%*ing person there is going to be shit.
Please help.
Brett: Ja, what do you need.
The Plumber: How do I get to the fu%*ing calculator on my PC (WinXP)
Brett: dohhhhhhhhh!
Brett: Start / All programs / Accessories / Calculator
The Plumber: Shit you are a ledged thanks.


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