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If I had the Tom

August 12, 2008

If I have the tom to invest right now, I would invest in…

Enough said.


Simply Blogging

August 9, 2008

I have just moved my blog from b2evolution to WordPress, why I can’t really say.

It’s like an addiction to me, being on one platform and then seeing a whole bunch of hype and activity on another. It was like I just had to do it…Let me tell you now, it is not an easy feat.

Blogging platforms like, b2evolution, WordPress etc don’t want you to be able to just export your Blog and be up and running in a flash on another platform. I don’t blame them either. They both provide a great product and service to their clients and need to have some sort of protection against, Blog hopping.

b2evolution was great,  hosted it myself and it was everything I wanted, like I say I have this addiction to  constantly be out there looking for the next hot thing, next thing you know I’ll be hitting  Joomla, Durpal, Mambo, or DotNetNuke just to run a bog from. Not forgetting Google’s Blogger.

This is my little piece of how to blog from a beginners side and then from a slightly more advanced perspective..

My advise in starting your own Blog is, if you are a Google fan, then stick with Google Blogger, when I first tried it, it did not have the functionality I wanted and so my search began. They have upgraded their interface and this is where I would recommend most beginners start for a quick and easy set-up.

If you are looking for something more than average, WordPress would be my next stop the setup via is easy and effortless. Their platform is stable and looks great, the community around WordPress is huge and there are lots of add ins and widgets as well as design skins, or themes if you like.

If I were to host my own platform, I have tried and successfully set up the following in the past, Mambo, Joomla, b2evolution, DotNetNuke, If it were purely blogging you wanted I would look at and b2evolution…they are both very good, easy to install, stable and easy to maintain and blog from.

If one wanted a blog but was also looking to run a web site from that platform I would recommend either Joomla, or Mambo from a MySQL side and DotNetNuke if one wanted to go the MsSQL data base route.

One thing I would like to see and I would use, 100% no doubt is DotNetNuke running on a Firebird DB.

Now there is something I would be chasing after if it were available. Perhaps the Shaun Walker will get a Google Alert and respond, who knows.


I’ll take a little bit of wind with that, to go please

August 9, 2008

My, my is sounds and feels like it is blowing a gale out side..

When I do a check on Windfinder I see it is gusting 36 knots…makes sense..

Note to self, buy a well built house when out shopping..


Great Noseweek Article

August 8, 2008

This is a very clear and different way of looking at what’s going on in SA, putting people in the big picture..

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and one is not required to subscribe to view this particular piece..