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This is not a recession

February 27, 2009

This is applicable to South Africa,the original post can be viewed here..

We are not in a recession.

‘In economics, the term recession generally describes the reduction of a country’s gross domestic product (GDP) for at least two quarters’.

We are not in a recession.

The problem with a word like recession is that it is big and scary. It sells copy. Bad news is good news. Trevor Manuel the Minister of Finance is telling all who will listen.

We are not in recession.

In socio-nomics peoples mental outlook creates many of the flows in an economy. Too much of the big R and people start acting like they are in a recession and the negative feedback loop starts.

You get scared because we are in a recession so you order less stock thinking that you won’t sell enough. The buyer thinks that they are in a recession and doesn’t spend expecting to get laid off. This creates a negative feedback loop which will cool the entire economy as the recession sentiment pervades it.

Let me repeat what Trevor has said repeatedly.

We are not in a recession.

Here is what some of the financial news outlets had to say about the whole sorry story.

The Mail and Guardian posed the question to Trevor Manuel ‘are we in a recession?’ and his succinct reply ‘No, we’re not’.

The thing is the economy can be talked into a recession but as Manuel put it there was ‘an argument that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck, it probably is a recession, but in technical terms, we’re not in a recession’.

Hayibo however came up with their own plan to rescue the economy ‘SA to avoid recession by exporting narcotics on SAA’. It may be a joke but exports will be key for us to stay out of a recession.

Exports are subject to changes in the interest rate. There has been a loud clamouring for an early interest rate cut to stimulate the economy and lift it out of ‘recession’.

Tito Mboweni the Reserve Bank governor has been hinting at it but it does not look as if it will actually happen. The MPC tends towards the conservative and they understand that interest rate effects take a long time to filter into the economy and a lot of the calls for an early rate cut are merely knee jerk reactions to the closing in of the global economy.

Business Report followed Tito to an investment conference where he stressed that South Africa is not isolated from global economic events and that they will have an effect on us, but he parried and dodged questions relating to whether we can expect an early rate cut.

Justmoney would like a rate cut but trusts the MPC to get the timing right, in the meantime we are going to plan our budget again and increase the levels of our savings.


The First Dog

February 26, 2009

Just finished reading on CNN about Obama family chooses dog,

For those that are interested here is a photo of the Portuguese water dog bread..

Wonder if he is going to choose Black or White…



Help !

February 23, 2009

God forbid, you need to type help me into a search engine let alone Google…

Here is what is on offer…

On not too bad…

No.1 Position may be some help, number 3 looks lie what we are looking for.. as for the rest…you are on your own..have a look for yourself.

If you line in South Africa, you are in deeper trouble that you thought..time to run for your life… is why

Not what you are looking for? How I have not tries this on other search engines, but this is not what one would call quality search engine results..

Why bother with SEO, if there is clearly no goal in sight..??


Joost with the Hooker

February 20, 2009

The Joost sex scandel has South Africa watching..

Here is a photo of Joost with the hooker



February 20, 2009

My little bit of spam, come joke, come sick fduck on the internet..

Submitted on a site I run via it’s form..

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Flowers PE

February 19, 2009

Flowers PE will deliver at any cost , I remain anonymous on this Blog for a number of reasons….A. I get to say what I want, B. I will use it one day as a very power-ful medium of getting what I have to say about a few people and companies in particular, not in a bad way but rather a in an enlightening way.

I had the pleasure to deal wit Flowers PE and man oh man what a pleasant company with great service and not to mention great flowers…they don’t sell flowers online which keeps them focused and reliable…

Here is a link to their contact details…enjoy…


Got the tickets..

February 14, 2009

Off to watch the Chevrolet Warriors  tomorrow at St. Georges oval…

Should be a good one, be sure to catch the live feed from

Buying the tickets from Computicket was a waste of time if you have kids, as they only have Adult tickets for sale..I simple drove to the ticket office and was able to buy using Credit Card nog al..

Well done to the Lions for their first Super 14 win of the season….