February 11, 2009

I was so impressed by my blog response yesterday about Randall from Idols South Africa and the huge fight about to take main stream media by storm, refer to my previous post…that I thought I would let you know a little more about a crazy web app called Twitter

I use it, and it makes Facebook and Blogging look like Web 1.

I first was exposed to Twitter about a year ago, by Shaun Dewberry, who’s blog by the way has gone ballistic..as I predicted it would in this post.
Any how, I was sceptical, as it was introduced as a follow me, where am I type service which I did not feel people were quite ready for, I was right. I don’t think people are even to today’s terms ready for this.
What I did not see was the potential it had as a mini blogging platform.
My mind almost explodes at the potential it has to offer.

I get very nervous when I start to think criminal elements starting to use these platforms to their advantage and it is that which has inspired this post as well. Perhaps one of the advanced security firms or the US government for that matter will insure the appropriate measures are in place for the security of the nation.


One comment

  1. Hi,
    I just posted a comment on http://www.dewberry.co.za about the use of Twitter as a free SMS service.
    Here is a copy…

    Wadja looks great from a social mobile offering, a more web2mobile connect interface for smart phones Dashwire
    [http://www.dashwire.com/] is a great start.

    More along the free SMS and to add free so called calling look at
    Fring [http://www.fring.com/]whilst primaraly offering “Skype over Mobile” ie free calls it could be considered and used effectively for free SMS’s.

    The Giant that is Twitter [http://www.twitter.com]although primarily form micro blogging, could be set up and used as a free group SMS medium.

    Corporates looking for an in house free SMS service could try Yammer [https://www.yammer.com] one requires the same domain name e-mail address to join a network, where by keeping all data private.

    BlinQMobile [http://www.blinqmobile.co.za] cheapest per min cell phone billing in SA.

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