Help !

February 23, 2009

God forbid, you need to type help me into a search engine let alone Google…

Here is what is on offer…

On Google.com not too bad…

No.1 Position may be some help, number 3 looks lie what we are looking for.. as for the rest…you are on your own..have a look for yourself.

If you line in South Africa, you are in deeper trouble that you thought..time to run for your life…..here is why

Not what you are looking for? How I have not tries this on other search engines, but this is not what one would call quality search engine results..

Why bother with SEO, if there is clearly no goal in sight..??



  1. OK, so English may not be your first language but if you’re going to have a public facing website then you should take the time to check for spelling errors or basic grammatical issues. It’s like I’m reading a text message derived from a mobile phone.

    • Hi Harry,

      Reading over what I wrote, I did blush I must say….this post was a result of Good Old Tassies interrupting my command of the English language.

      Perhaps my idea of moving more towards a picture Blog is not a bad one after all..VLog would be just plain nasty in this state…

      PS: Spell check was on I am ashamed to say…..but than again so was the Good Old Tassies.
      If ever in South Africa, drop me a mail I’ll send my mobile “Cell Phone here in SA” number and most certainly be a gracious host.

      Here is a bit more on my friend and yours Good Old Tassies…

      (Tassenberg is a dry red wine made mostly from Cinsaut and a bit of Cabernet Sauvignon plus Pinot Noir, with an alcohol of 12.5 %. Tassenberg turned 65 in 2001 and has not missed a good party in 65 years. “Good Old Tassies” as it is affectionately known, is South Africa’s legendary red wine. It has a long heritage of being an inexpensive but good quality wine (sometimes amazing quality).

      Generations of students have enjoyed this popular wine on campus, all over the country, whilst wine connoisseurs over the years have unanimously voted Tassies as a great wine for everyday drinking.)

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