The First Dog

February 26, 2009

Just finished reading on CNN about Obama family chooses dog,

For those that are interested here is a photo of the Portuguese water dog bread..

Wonder if he is going to choose Black or White…




  1. big dog. big house

  2. I see they names him Bo , nice, short and sweet and easy to remember..

  3. […] What I respected was the fact that I did not need to write a 300 word junk article sprinkled with keywords and SEO (White or Black Hat) techniques, no just provide users with what they may want to see, I knew people wanted to see a Portuguese Water Dog as it was chosen as the first dog. […]

  4. Was this the post that reached the top 20 on Amatomu.
    Amazed, that such a sweet short post, with a pic was able to do this.

    • Thanks, That’s what makes it so amazing…It also showed me that Google is better than what a lot of people think, you don’t need those 300 word blurbs…

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