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Pot called the Kettle Black

April 23, 2009

ANC mad after some IEC stations close early due to the lack of electricity and not generators present.

Are you joking, you clowns are the ones who are meant to be providing the electricity….#Fail



The African National Congress (ANC) in Cape Town cried foul and the party’s election task team head, Chris Nissen, told the Mail & Guardian Online on Wednesday evening they will “immediately” seek legal advice if the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) does not reopen at least 14 polling stations, which were closed down because there was no electricity.

“Thousands and thousands of our voters are being turned away. These problems are only happening in the black areas — elections in the white and coloured areas are running smoothly.”

Get a life…


Only a Real South African would

April 17, 2009

Only a real South African would publish a video on utube which is 45 Meg in size only a real yank would view it..not considering the bandwidth consumed..


Telkom for 1, the broadband in South Africa is so expensive that what  the international market pays for uncapped, unlimited broadband, only buys about a  512 line the a 2Gig data cap…what to do after the cap…Now that is a story all on it’s own. The Cap is a hard cap, so your line is shut down completely, you can’t access Gmail, or nada, nothing, ziltch, zippo, zip, aziko, niks. You got to buy more data at not very resonable rates.

Any now let me tell you about Blitong, a South African delicacy, not to mention I make possibly the best biltong in SA, at least that’s what I believe.

Why is it the best, well for one reason it is half the price of what you pay in the shops, second some real, thought, love and effort has gone into selecting the right butcher to buy your meat from…once home, there are supposedly hundreds of biltong recipes around, I personally know of only 2 . There is a +- 3 Hr preparation time before hanging the meat in a dryer to dry. this is not constant 3 hrs of looking and working the meat, but rather checking and turning and seasoning every 3hrs or so..

Once that is done there is 2 to 3 day’s of hanging the meat out to dry, either in a Biltong Dryer or out under the rafters if in a dry climate.

After 3 day’s of waiting, I promise you one thing, it becomes the best Biltong in South Africa no matter what. Enjoy it watching the Springbok’s playing rugby or just drinking a cold castle, hansa, black label or any SAB beer. (PS: One of the best beers to drink when visiting South Africa is Windhoek Lager) but then a true South African would never admit to drinking a foreign beer.


John Madden

April 16, 2009

Holy smoke, my next door neighbour was John Madden, I was going a quick search on Google Trends and spotted the latest search info was for John Madden nearly had a heart attack..

More research shows he is an American football coach and television announcer as well as an American Hall of Fame football player..

Ok, now that I am off my pedestal, and realize it is not him,  me thinking about neighbours hooking up and what is the easiest way to do that today…Facebook, or is it Twitter?…in any event those two are dare I say neck and neck leader in the worlds best social network sites….

PS : Both John Madden and I are from South Africa, not USA…any one visiting our great country and needing any questions asked, by a real South African. ie Born and bred…just shout,always happy to respond..


Download Gogle Chrome for offline installation

April 8, 2009

I have my hard drive partitioned and need to install Google Chrome into say drive D: not C:..
After a lot of searching, I found the most recent download link to accomplish this…

Here it is …

Download Google Chrome for off line installation, without internet connection or for installation on multiple PC’s..


Credit Crunch and Global Meltdown advise

April 6, 2009

Just heard a good little bit of advise for folk to remember…. “” If you are going through hell, keep going “” …


Amazing new Cell Phone in South Africa

April 2, 2009

I see one of my visitors was from a company called
I visited their site and after some researching on the net found that what they say they provide ie. the cheapest available cell phone in South Africa is in fact the cheapest prepaid cellular phone in SA.

So I bought one, then thought I would give them a shout out on the Net, I am really getting into this online shopping in South Africa.
The more people coming online and looking to shop online for whatever they may be looking for the better.

In the mean time, thanks to the Internet and great new online shopping sites like BlinQMobile I am getting the cheapest cell phone call around.

This coupled with the fact that we are not in a recession in South Africa makes me feel great, better than poor old Joost. Amor to that.