Amazing new Cell Phone in South Africa

April 2, 2009

I see one of my visitors was from a company called BlinQMobile.co.za
I visited their site and after some researching on the net found that what they say they provide ie. the cheapest available cell phone in South Africa is in fact the cheapest prepaid cellular phone in SA.

So I bought one, then thought I would give them a shout out on the Net, I am really getting into this online shopping in South Africa.
The more people coming online and looking to shop online for whatever they may be looking for the better.

In the mean time, thanks to the Internet and great new online shopping sites like BlinQMobile I am getting the cheapest cell phone call around.

This coupled with the fact that we are not in a recession in South Africa makes me feel great, better than poor old Joost. Amor to that.

One comment

  1. Thanks for the mention, we are working hard to provide great service with what we know is a great product to cellular users in South Africa.

    90c a min cellular phone prepaid call rates South Africa

    Keep up the great blogging and well done on reaching the Amatumo Top 20.

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