John Madden

April 16, 2009

Holy smoke, my next door neighbour was John Madden, I was going a quick search on Google Trends and spotted the latest search info was for John Madden nearly had a heart attack..

More research shows he is an American football coach and television announcer as well as an American Hall of Fame football player..

Ok, now that I am off my pedestal, and realize it is not him,  me thinking about neighbours hooking up and what is the easiest way to do that today…Facebook, or is it Twitter?…in any event those two are dare I say neck and neck leader in the worlds best social network sites….

PS : Both John Madden and I are from South Africa, not USA…any one visiting our great country and needing any questions asked, by a real South African. ie Born and bred…just shout,always happy to respond..


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