Only a Real South African would

April 17, 2009

Only a real South African would publish a video on utube which is 45 Meg in size only a real yank would view it..not considering the bandwidth consumed..


Telkom for 1, the broadband in South Africa is so expensive that what  the international market pays for uncapped, unlimited broadband, only buys about a  512 line the a 2Gig data cap…what to do after the cap…Now that is a story all on it’s own. The Cap is a hard cap, so your line is shut down completely, you can’t access Gmail, Google.com or Google.co.za nada, nothing, ziltch, zippo, zip, aziko, niks. You got to buy more data at not very resonable rates.

Any now let me tell you about Blitong, a South African delicacy, not to mention I make possibly the best biltong in SA, at least that’s what I believe.

Why is it the best, well for one reason it is half the price of what you pay in the shops, second some real, thought, love and effort has gone into selecting the right butcher to buy your meat from…once home, there are supposedly hundreds of biltong recipes around, I personally know of only 2 . There is a +- 3 Hr preparation time before hanging the meat in a dryer to dry. this is not constant 3 hrs of looking and working the meat, but rather checking and turning and seasoning every 3hrs or so..

Once that is done there is 2 to 3 day’s of hanging the meat out to dry, either in a Biltong Dryer or out under the rafters if in a dry climate.

After 3 day’s of waiting, I promise you one thing, it becomes the best Biltong in South Africa no matter what. Enjoy it watching the Springbok’s playing rugby or just drinking a cold castle, hansa, black label or any SAB beer. (PS: One of the best beers to drink when visiting South Africa is Windhoek Lager) but then a true South African would never admit to drinking a foreign beer.


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