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South African Recesion

May 28, 2009

I heard that things are so tight in South Africa, even the Nigerian 419’s were complaining about business.

When the Nigerian 419 scams start to slow down you know the credit crunch has hit home and in a big way…

Let The Metlting Pot know what you have done to protect yourself during this time…


Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma

May 18, 2009

What is it with this site? Friends of Jacob Zuma (JZ), firstly they need to update it as he is now President of South Africa and the elections are over. Unless the friends of JZ are still semi conscious from the massive R75 Bar inauguration?

Another thing I find rather perturbing is the open plea for money on the front page. JZ at the time of this web site is the president of the ANC, I some how don’t think he is doing to be needing any further help from his mates, or will he?

Have a look at the photo to see if you can spot who is standing behind Jacob Zuma..

Jacob Zuma President of South Africa

One wonders if he is a friend of Jacob Zuma…have a closer look...


What to Do?

May 12, 2009

The moment I saw this e-mail sent to me, and surprisingly making it thought all the spam filters on the new these days. I had the dilemma of do I blog about it or not.

Would I like it done to me or not, should I or shouldn’t I.

Is it the right thing to do, do I really have permission to do so, yes.

Would I like it done to me, the yes and No’s become ever lasting so I decided to risk it all hit another on of my photo blog’s for the entertainment of general public..

E-mail was titled, how not to place a photo of your new born on  . Only other thing I thought of is it will be sooner than later that some one does  a Priceless set up with the photo..To my 8000 a day viewers..enjoy.

Priceless FaceBook Photo's


Cracking the Amatomu Top 20

May 11, 2009

How 1 post got me into the Top 20 on Amatomu.

This is not a HowTo because all I did was Blog, Google did the rest for me.

What I respected was the fact that I did not need to write a 300 word junk article sprinkled with keywords and SEO (White or Black Hat) techniques, no just provide users with what they may want to see, I knew people wanted to see a Portuguese Water Dog as it was chosen as the first dog.

Now I am assuming people want to know how to get their blogs into the Top 20 in Amatomu

The post had around 7000 views in a 24hr period, and reflected on Amtomu very soon thereafter..


Free Great Photo Blogging at is’s Best..

May 6, 2009


A little bit of SA Humor at it’s best…

I am a huge springbok fan and this in no way expresses my views towards the springbok, management, team (players) or anything associated with the mighty Bok’s…

Long may “Die Booke” last.


Swine Flu Helpline

May 4, 2009

People are phoning the ‘Swine Flu Helpline’ for advice but it doesn’t ring.

All they get is crackling!