Online Auction’s & Shopping in South Africa

November 5, 2009

All of a sudden when searching for some very common items using Google.co.za South Africa I notice a new player on the block.

Searching for a PS2 games for sale, gets me Bid or Buy at number 1 and You Post at number 2.

I ran a few other searches and got the same combination.

I will almost always back the underdog, I do believe that the majority of us will, why is it then that in SA we allow ourselves to be ripped off like we do.

Bid or Buy is not cheap, selling anything is 5% straight off the sellers price, and to list a car or home for sale they charge like wounded buffalo.  I have notices some other cheaper options popping up namely My Trade, Free whilst in Beta and certainly more affordable than BOB. I would love to see them succeed and start some real competition in the South African online shopping and auctioning space.

Christmas Tree Shopping

Talking of online shopping and in particular Christmas online shopping in South Africa, if earn enough in the next month or two then I am getting myself one of these babies 321 as fast as 123…

I would love to hear if any of you have used the new Auction and shopping sites I have mentioned above..

Until next post, keep well,be safe & live free…


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