Truth behind SA Airlink incidents

December 7, 2009

The Melting Pot does not profess to be an investigative journalist blog.

Hell we even battle to spell journalist.

But, when I read Roger Foster, claiming “just Bad Luck” in the recent spate of Airlink crashes, my investigative journalism kicks in like a 2010 world cup wining goal.

Lucky for all I am privy to some inside feedback from lots of aircrew staff, whom when outspoken about the incidents are not surprised at all.

Airlink owned by Roger “The Dogger” Foster. I nick name him so, as is there is still some money due to me from this caricature ” creature”.  Many years outstanding. If you believe in Karma you will know that him, along with Airlink are paying Karma debt.

Anyhow back to the facts,  Airlink is the next Nationwide…they are cutting on costs and are pairing inexperienced crew together to suit budgets and not your safety.

The last three incidents (accidents) have not been accounted for,  have a look at them,  3 out of 3 have come from pilot inexperience.

1 anti-icing basic procedures.

2. Shutting down the wrong engine,

3. inexperience crew at george airport.

My advice especially during your World Cup 2010 soccer travels is stay away. As far away as possible.

In conclusion, the money owed can never be repaid, as it becomes irrelevant, peoples lives are worth more than money…


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