Jacob Zuma Urging Consumers to save electricity

July 23, 2010

On ESI-Africa dated 29th of April 2010 – President Jacob Zuma has called on South Africans to save energy in an effort to avoid the load-shedding that plunged the country into darkness in 2007 and 2008.
“As we continue to look for other alternatives to save energy, let me remind all that we must continue to save electricity. We must switch off our appliances when they are not in use. Let us share this responsibility as citizens of this country and electricity users.” said Zuma.

In the region of Gauteng in April and May large areas have suffered from further electricity blackouts, notably the East Rand in Johannesburg. It is now obvious that Eskom is still not managing to meet the high demand for electricity. As the winter weather closes in, so does higher electricity demand due to electrical heaters and warming devices, which means more electricity blackouts if we don’t do something about our electricity usage.

That said, even if electricity blackouts are not affecting you directly, the new prices definitely will. The increases announced in February 2010 will total to 75.8% from 2010 to 2013. This is without the increase of 31% last year, which will take the increases in electricity up to a staggering 106.8%.

If not the load-shedding, then the price of electricity is forcing us all consumers to start thinking of cutting down on use or at least making usage of electricity more efficient. Taking responsibility means that it is time to seriously start looking at managing our electricity consumption. To start saving we must start measuring our electricity consumption, because we can’t save something we can’t measure.

To start saving we suggest you start measuring your electricity consumption with electricity monitors and make modifications to you consumption so that you can reduce your bills and help us all, just maybe save on having to endure winter blackouts.

To learn more visit: www.ElectricityMonitor.co.za .

To learn more on saving energy read also: 6 Easy Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bills

Electricity Increases as published in the media from our last article:

• 2010/11: 24.8%. This makes the average Eskom electricity price for post paid meters 41.31c per kWh.
• 2011/12: 25.1%. This makes the average Eskom electricity price for post paid meters 51.68 c per kWh
• 2012/2013: 25.9%. This makes the average Eskom electricity price for post paid meters 65.06c per kWh

And Remember: You can’t save what you can’t measure.
If you can measure it, you can manage it and start saving.

Promoting Sustainable Use of Energy – www.ElectricityMonitor.co.za
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Tel: 087 5500 870
Fax: 086 578 1851 (SA Only)

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