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Missing cat in and around Port Elizabeth Angelo of Lotus House

May 6, 2011

Angelo of Lotus House

Missing since 5pm on 5th May 2011, missed by all at Lotus House. If anyone knows of his whereabouts please call us on 041-3736787 or Gita on 0827100175 or Gail on 0822994772.
We miss him and would like him back home quite soon.

He is wearing a blue harness with a Verbac Back Home tag on, as he has a microchip.

Thanks so much.

Gita and Gail.


eblockwatch – A member thinks he recognises the guy with a gun as a Merto Police Officer?

October 2, 2010
Latest eblockwatch project
Eblockwatch says rhino poachers’ days are numbered.

tracker.jpgA Dream Team, which includes vehicle tracking company Tracker, has now been established aimed at tracking and smashing syndicates involved in illegal rhino poaching.

Be part of the Dream Team:

Existing eblockwatch members click here to join our team. You will be presented with the login screen. The simple act of logging in after clicking on link above will! make you part of the dream team.

First time eblockwatch members click here to become a member and join this team

Please forward this email to your friends

Find out more info on our website homepage –


Jacob Zuma Urging Consumers to save electricity

July 23, 2010

On ESI-Africa dated 29th of April 2010 – President Jacob Zuma has called on South Africans to save energy in an effort to avoid the load-shedding that plunged the country into darkness in 2007 and 2008.
“As we continue to look for other alternatives to save energy, let me remind all that we must continue to save electricity. We must switch off our appliances when they are not in use. Let us share this responsibility as citizens of this country and electricity users.” said Zuma.

In the region of Gauteng in April and May large areas have suffered from further electricity blackouts, notably the East Rand in Johannesburg. It is now obvious that Eskom is still not managing to meet the high demand for electricity. As the winter weather closes in, so does higher electricity demand due to electrical heaters and warming devices, which means more electricity blackouts if we don’t do something about our electricity usage.

That said, even if electricity blackouts are not affecting you directly, the new prices definitely will. The increases announced in February 2010 will total to 75.8% from 2010 to 2013. This is without the increase of 31% last year, which will take the increases in electricity up to a staggering 106.8%.

If not the load-shedding, then the price of electricity is forcing us all consumers to start thinking of cutting down on use or at least making usage of electricity more efficient. Taking responsibility means that it is time to seriously start looking at managing our electricity consumption. To start saving we must start measuring our electricity consumption, because we can’t save something we can’t measure.

To start saving we suggest you start measuring your electricity consumption with electricity monitors and make modifications to you consumption so that you can reduce your bills and help us all, just maybe save on having to endure winter blackouts.

To learn more visit: .

To learn more on saving energy read also: 6 Easy Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bills

Electricity Increases as published in the media from our last article:

• 2010/11: 24.8%. This makes the average Eskom electricity price for post paid meters 41.31c per kWh.
• 2011/12: 25.1%. This makes the average Eskom electricity price for post paid meters 51.68 c per kWh
• 2012/2013: 25.9%. This makes the average Eskom electricity price for post paid meters 65.06c per kWh

And Remember: You can’t save what you can’t measure.
If you can measure it, you can manage it and start saving.

Promoting Sustainable Use of Energy –
Electricity Monitor Team,
Tel: 087 5500 870
Fax: 086 578 1851 (SA Only)

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My Shadow

May 24, 2010

This is a copy of a play / poem my Daughter is doing for here first assembly reading grade 3..
Thought I’ll blog it and try and memorise it with her…


Meaning of the South African Flag

May 20, 2010
Visitors will ask you this during the World Cup period.

Q: What does the South African flag represent?

RED is the SUN , so it’s above;
BLUE is the SEA , therefore below;
GREEN is the MONEY in the middle;
BLACK is the MAJORITY on the left center,
WHITE is the MINORITY covering the money
YELLOW is the ELECTRIC FENCE keeping the MAJORITY away from the MONEY!


One Can Treat Port Elizabeth as 10% of a large SA City

May 20, 2010
Number 10 is a real beauty..Only in Africa..
Crime Newsletter 20 May 2010

1. Central Crime a growing concern
2. Atlas supports Celebrity Cricket Sixes in aid of cancer
3. Getaway vehicle picks up burglars in Richard Road
4. Juvenile arrested in Kabega Park during school hours
5. Thieves try to break in while domestic worker is in the house
6. Atlas Repair Technician assists with the arrest of a Korsten suspect
7. Three Newton Park thieves arrested with stolen goods
8. Neave Township business robbed at gunpoint
9. Walmer burglar breaks his leg leading to an arrest
10. Water theft in Summerstrand
11. Crime Snapshots
12. Report any incidents to

1. Central Crime a growing concern

Recent statistics show that crime in Central has escalated since the removal of Omega Risk Solutions’ security guards in December 2009.

Being a multi-racial and culturally diverse community, with businesses and domestic homes in this historical area, Central has become a haven for criminals, ranging from petty thieves to hard-core “gangster” types.

Both residents and business owners are becoming increasingly despondent about the crime wave, especially with the imminent FIFA 2010 Fan Park, which is going to be situated in the area. They fear that crime will be the order of the day in the not too distant future. In a desperate plea to make their suburb a safer place for residents and tourists alike, a petition has been submitted to the Mayor’s Office, requesting better and more visible security for the Central area. The Port Elizabeth High Court has since issued an order for the Municipality to finalise a tender for a security company to offer protection in various areas in the Metropole.

Atlas Security has vehicles in the area and is making a concerted effort to deter crime as much as legally possible. With this in mind, Atlas Representatives will be in the Central area within the next few weeks, visiting home-owners and businesses alike, offering security advice and risk assessments.

Note from Atlas:
Here are some Safety Tips to note, to avoid becoming a crime statistic. Always remember, trust yourself, your instincts and stay as calm as possible.

· Remember to switch on your alarm! Always lock all outside doors and windows when you go out, even if you are only going to be away for 10 minutes.
· Test your alarm regularly and ensure that our monitoring centre receives all signals tested. It is advisable and indeed necessary to frequently test any fixed or mobile panic buttons, but please advise the monitoring centre first.
· Make it difficult for criminals to operate in your neighbourhood! Report any suspicious persons and activities to the police immediately.
· Ensure that your home or business street number is clearly marked on the outside so that it is easily seen by Atlas, the SAPS or emergency service personnel that may need to get to you.
· Always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you. Use the DTA principle: DON’T TRUST ANYBODY!
· You can only rely on YOURSELF for protection. The SA Police Services or your armed response company might take vital minutes to get to you when your life depends on it. You will have to face your attacker head on while help is on the way. Invest in LIFE-SAVING DEVICES such as Pepper Spray.

2. Atlas supports Celebrity Cricket Sixes in aid of cancer

Atlas Security formed part of the Celebrity Cricket Sixes tournament this past weekend. The tournament was held in aid of the Cancer Association of South Africa and featured local and national celebrities including Olympians Roland Schoeman and Okkert Brits, golfer Titch Moore, racing driver Shaun Watson-Smith, rugby players Chad Alcock and Jaco Kirsten and gladiator and former Mr Port Elizabeth, Clint Walters.

The event, modeled on the Hong Kong Sixes, took place at the New Horizon Village off Cape Road on Saturday, with the first ball bowled at 08h30.

The Atlas team, who went through to the finals, consisted of Nante Hayward (SA Cricketer), Basheer Walters, Titans Fast Bowler Ricki Wessels (Son of Kepler Wessels), Adam Cotton (UK County Cricketer), Tony Markow (Rugby Player – WP, EP and Springbok Sevens) and Chad Alcock (Rugby Player – Sharks, EP and Springbok).

3. Getaway vehicle picks up burglars in Richard Road

Two Richard Road, Charlo residents alerted Atlas Security of a burglary that took place in Jeremy Road on Sunday afternoon just after 17h00.

Both residents saw the suspects jump over the perimeter wall of one of the yards. They ran straight to a creamy white SsangYong vehicle that was waiting for them. They also noticed that the criminals were armed with weapons, including a chisel.

These thieves cleverly planned their crime, especially their escape route.

The house they allegedly broke into was not an Atlas subscriber, so we do not have any further details of the burglary.

Note from Atlas:
Homeowners are urged to be vigilant and report suspicious vehicles lurking around any suburb at any time of the day.

If an unfamiliar or suspicious vehicle is parked outside your house or in your neighbourhood, call 10111 or Atlas to investigate. It might be nothing but it could be a stolen or hijacked vehicle, possibly used as a getaway car or for some other form of criminal activity. Please remember to report any suspicious activity.

10. Water theft in Summerstrand

A Summerstrand resident became a victim of water theft recently and would like to warn the readers. He writes:

“We live in Keiskama Street, Summerstrand and check our water consumption regularly. Because there are only two people in the house our average water usage is between 350 and 450 litres per day. Between the 3rd and 6th of May our water consumption was 11,900 litres which was inexplicable because there had been no change in our daily routine.

When we telephoned the Metro we were advised to contact a plumber to check for a leak. This we did and the plumber asked us to close all our taps and check whether the meter was running. It was not, so the plumber advised that there was no leak and that we had probably been victims of water theft. We have an outside tap situated right near the front boundary of our property and as we do not have a front wall, there was easy access.

The plumber claimed that we were the second household to report such an unexplained consumption. We have since reported the theft to the Humewood Police Station and also installed a lock on the outside tap. Please warn all residents of the possibility of water being stolen from unprotected areas. There are people advertising the sale of fresh water to top up swimming pools and who knows where they get the water from.

Unsuspecting people could be buying water that has been stolen if they support such a trade and the victims of the theft will have to face heavy penalties for over-consumption of water. Take adequate precautions and think before buying water.”


Luxury Safari in PE South Africa

May 16, 2010

Luxury Safari South Africa

For something completely different, was having a look at Safari companies in the Eastern Cape of South Africa…the link above caught my eye..

Often the posts on this blog are not of the Luxury type…It is not as though we are the next 2OceanVibe of Port Elizabeth…

2Oceans is on a Cape Town budget, big difference when you are on a blue collar city budget during recession..

Any way go ahead spoil yourself with a little weekend visit to a  Luxury Safari in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

If you have stayed at Hlosi, please let me know what is was like in the comments below…