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September 14, 2009

Shocking news just released..
It was reported earlier today that South African world champion 800m runner Caster Semanya failed the IAAF urine test.
The IAAf confirmed this indicating, her pen1s could not fit in the urine sample bottle.


South African Recesion

May 28, 2009

I heard that things are so tight in South Africa, even the Nigerian 419’s were complaining about business.

When the Nigerian 419 scams start to slow down you know the credit crunch has hit home and in a big way…

Let The Metlting Pot know what you have done to protect yourself during this time…


Swine Flu Helpline

May 4, 2009

People are phoning the ‘Swine Flu Helpline’ for advice but it doesn’t ring.

All they get is crackling!


Credit Crunch and Global Meltdown advise

April 6, 2009

Just heard a good little bit of advise for folk to remember…. “” If you are going through hell, keep going “” …


February 20, 2009

My little bit of spam, come joke, come sick fduck on the internet..

Submitted on a site I run via it’s form..

Leonel Fernandes 1/18/2009 9:24:42 PM
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Fat Cats

February 16, 2007

Who watched Top Billing last night…?

Our ministers and members of parliament give a new meaning to the term Fat Cats.


Well Done SAPS!

February 1, 2007

Well done SAPS
Well done Parkview Precinct
Well done to those police officers, Inspector and the two youngsters.

Parkhurst was crazy the night before last and the freak out is that this was the result of 1 attempted hi-jacking.

2 Bravo Males, attempted to hi-jack and steal a car form a lady in Parktown North, Johannesburg.
Her armed guard intervened and was shot 3 times by these 2 criminals.
At that very point the SAPS mentioned above drove into the road and was witness to this.
They gave chase and encountered the suspects in 5th Ave and 20th street Parkhurst.
Where they met had on.
The suspects started firing on the SAP and the SAP returned fire.

After a heated exchange, the suspects reversed at a hell of a pace and crashed into a parked BMW in the road, pushing it back 15 plus M. Where the one now wounded suspect got out and ran away whilst the other kept on firing at the SAP.

At this point the inspector had driven his car within 5 M’s of their car and after the necessary warnings and so forth proceeded to switch off the suspect.

A condition known in military circles as Condition Black.

The running suspect jumped through a house on the river and was not located as at about 21h00..he was shot once or twice so I am sure he has turned up somewhere…or is lying very low at this stage.

In the process, three patrol cars were out of action for about 7 hours, am army of forensic personal were there working long hours getting everything sorted out.

Well done to the SAP for a job well done.
To you the suspects.

Suspect 1. Well you are on the run , the SAP have the registered owner of the bakkie you were in, it was not reported stolen, so through very little work, they will be paying you a visit very very soon. Please try and fight back like your mate did.
Suspect 2. What happened boet, not so tough now are you lying dead on the streets of the Hurst. What goes around comes around; you got exactly what you deserve.