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Staying Positive in a Recession

July 8, 2009

Ok, so all my previous posts relating to how we in South Africa are not in a recession have even me embarrassed, this was information we were receiving and this information sounded so good to hear then, but as far as I am concerned we are defiantly in a recession.

Absolutely everybody I speak to says their business are dead quiet, I hear of 25% down, 50% down people   insurance policies, down grading everything in site. Panic has most certainly set in in SA. The internet economy bears the brunt of this recession with growth said to be at 12-20%. I would like to hear from any South African e-commerce retailer if this is the case. Yes sites like BidorBuy will be doing well, have you seen the prices that people are selling at, basically that are giving their goods away.

I am talking about a massive turn in the economy nothing like I have ever seen.

I went out looking if there was fast money to be made online in South Africa and found a system which professes great wealth potential. Any of you ever used one of these such systems?

Would be good to get some feed back.

As for my previous visitors reading my posts  This not a Recession, I now like you, know we were being fed crumbs of hope and hope alone.

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