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February 20, 2009

My little bit of spam, come joke, come sick fduck on the internet..

Submitted on a site I run via it’s form..

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Walmer Meltdown

April 25, 2008

See what I mean..

Spare a thought though for the unfortunate folk of Walmer suburb in Port Elizabeth. I wasn’t aware there was a crisis there. It all started when an electricity substation literally “blew up” last Friday and they’ve been without power since.




April 24, 2008

Well here I sit.

I have relocated my family from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth..Last stop in South Africa for us..

December was a blur, Jan was quiet fun Feb was swell, March was cool April has thus far been a nightmare.

We have been effected by the power station which blew up in Walmer, taking out a lot of homes and making life very difficult.

Even us die hard SA fan’s who are still around some 14 years after the ANC took power are finding it hard to come to terms with.

Having no electricity for 6 day’s now, pisses me off to no end. These flipping clowns running Eskom have SA by the balls and are holding nice and tight….

F&ck you Eskom, and your mother and your load shedding, you can stick it right up your ass.

I am going to do everything I possibly can not to rely on your services which like I say I have had none for the past 6 day’s.

Eskom employees should have had to open their homes to the families who have suffered without electricity for close on a week now, did they…no cause they have no balls….they are embarrassed to say I work for Ekisskom…I am a clown…I have sinned.

Once I am up and running again I am going to type a real Eskom hate post.


Well Done SAPS!

February 1, 2007

Well done SAPS
Well done Parkview Precinct
Well done to those police officers, Inspector and the two youngsters.

Parkhurst was crazy the night before last and the freak out is that this was the result of 1 attempted hi-jacking.

2 Bravo Males, attempted to hi-jack and steal a car form a lady in Parktown North, Johannesburg.
Her armed guard intervened and was shot 3 times by these 2 criminals.
At that very point the SAPS mentioned above drove into the road and was witness to this.
They gave chase and encountered the suspects in 5th Ave and 20th street Parkhurst.
Where they met had on.
The suspects started firing on the SAP and the SAP returned fire.

After a heated exchange, the suspects reversed at a hell of a pace and crashed into a parked BMW in the road, pushing it back 15 plus M. Where the one now wounded suspect got out and ran away whilst the other kept on firing at the SAP.

At this point the inspector had driven his car within 5 M’s of their car and after the necessary warnings and so forth proceeded to switch off the suspect.

A condition known in military circles as Condition Black.

The running suspect jumped through a house on the river and was not located as at about 21h00..he was shot once or twice so I am sure he has turned up somewhere…or is lying very low at this stage.

In the process, three patrol cars were out of action for about 7 hours, am army of forensic personal were there working long hours getting everything sorted out.

Well done to the SAP for a job well done.
To you the suspects.

Suspect 1. Well you are on the run , the SAP have the registered owner of the bakkie you were in, it was not reported stolen, so through very little work, they will be paying you a visit very very soon. Please try and fight back like your mate did.
Suspect 2. What happened boet, not so tough now are you lying dead on the streets of the Hurst. What goes around comes around; you got exactly what you deserve.



December 15, 2006

Monopolies are never good, the only purpose they serve is for profiteering.

Introducing a company who is in business in spite of themselves.

NGN, is a company who controls all the golfing handicaps in SA as appointed by SAGA…
Enough is enough; I have a stale worthless handicap. What is the point of having a handicap which never gets updated, or gets updated every 2 weeks? This means every golfer in SA has a 2 week old handicap. Mine now is 2 strokes off what it should be.
Using Global Handicaps which provide a free service to the public, my handicap should be a 12, on the NGN system is it s 14. In this instance it works for me as if we take NGN handicaps I get 2 extra shots against any golfer I may be playing, but I have friend who have it the other way round and this give the impression that they are cheating as they would need to play off a higher handicap than what NGN have them at.
Come on, SAGA and come on NGN. Pull your fingers out and get a valuable system up and running you have had long enough, your handicapping system is a liability to SA golfers.