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April 24, 2008

Well here I sit.

I have relocated my family from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth..Last stop in South Africa for us..

December was a blur, Jan was quiet fun Feb was swell, March was cool April has thus far been a nightmare.

We have been effected by the power station which blew up in Walmer, taking out a lot of homes and making life very difficult.

Even us die hard SA fan’s who are still around some 14 years after the ANC took power are finding it hard to come to terms with.

Having no electricity for 6 day’s now, pisses me off to no end. These flipping clowns running Eskom have SA by the balls and are holding nice and tight….

F&ck you Eskom, and your mother and your load shedding, you can stick it right up your ass.

I am going to do everything I possibly can not to rely on your services which like I say I have had none for the past 6 day’s.

Eskom employees should have had to open their homes to the families who have suffered without electricity for close on a week now, did they…no cause they have no balls….they are embarrassed to say I work for Ekisskom…I am a clown…I have sinned.

Once I am up and running again I am going to type a real Eskom hate post.